Kitchen Companions

On the good days, my mother would haul out the ukelele and we would sit around the kitchen table and sing. Carol Burnett

Lots of things happen in the kitchen that don't involve cooking or eating, just like Carol Burnett said.  One minute you are rolling out cookie dough on the kitchen table and the next minute you are playing your ukelele. As the most favorite room in the house, it's a hub of energy - cooking and non.  The kitchen is a craft space, a book nook, a play area, an office, a resting spot. Here you'll find an assortment of vintage items that we like to call kitchen companions - reading materials, games, craft supplies, etiquette and design books, holiday decorations, maybe even a musical instrument or two. In other words, it's the place for all those fun things that go hand-in-hand with a cup of coffee, a glass of whiskey, a carafe of wine... it's you and your pastimes, here together. Just like Carol would have liked.