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Here you'll find comments written by our customers about the products they purchased. In hopes of building a genuine and inspired community, where people can share their collections, their decorating passions and their tangible love of history, these have been culled from messages shoppers have sent after they received their packages. Their words have not been altered in any way. When the  shop first opened, several companies offered to sell us hundreds of pieces of generic customer feedback and fake product reviews. We didn't even know there was such a thing! Please be assured that all these responses listed below are 100% authentic from real people who bought real items and shared their real stories. Hope you enjoy learning more about your fellow vintage collectors!


9.20.20 - I love my cookbook! I can't make up my mind which pie to bake first. - Marianne E.


9.20.20 - Thank you so much, Katherine!  I love my sweet birdie and the berry dishes and wall rack arrived a few days ago and I love them! I'm so happy to have found your site and will be visiting often. - Christine M.

08.26.20 - I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I love my vintage stoneware cookie jar! You packaged everything impeccably and I appreciate the measures you took to ensure the package arrived damage-free. My mom recently passed away and I now own her vintage cookie jars and bean pots. The one I purchased from you is a perfect addition to her collection. Thank you for everything. I can truly tell you love what you do! - Karly S.

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07.24.20 - Katherine, I received my absolutely lovely dish today. Thank you so much for thinking of me and for wrapping it so carefully and beautifully. I honestly think I look more forward to your detailed wrapping and lovely notes than I do the actual item:) -- Ashleigh N.

07.02.20 -- She’s here!!!! Arrived safely and so beautifully wrapped in a blanket of love, that the travel over the seas was seemingly effortless. You are so kind and obviously giving and full of love for what you are sharing. I thank you so. Maybe one day I’ll share a recipe that my friend and I do long distance. Many thanks for your personal touch. This is THE BOOK I’ve been waiting for. - Danielle O.

06.18.20 -- It arrived today while my friend was visiting and we critiqued both and discussed placement in the kitchen. The kitchen prayer stitchery is lovely. Can’t wait to see them up together. Thanks again for your tender care.  - Patty C.

06.13.20 -- Thank you! I’m very pleased with the bowl and look forward to the plate. I’ll keep my eye out for more things. - Steve J.

02.13.20 - Thank you so much Katherine, the shipment arrived today and the presentation is absolutely beautiful. I'm honored to give this as a gift and know that it will be welcomed and enjoyed. - Chris S.

02.09.20 -- Katherine, Enjoying my first purchase so much.  Love your shop! - Melinda T.


12.19.2019 - I received my cute little Santa and loved the sweet packaging and personal note. Thank you! -- Cynthia B.


12.05.19 -- Thank you Katherine. I just love that vintage domino set I received.
Happy Holidays. - Raymond J. 

11.27.19 -- Thank you for the lovely packing and my adorable little birds.  Wishing you a great Thanksgiving! - Laurine B.


10.18.19I have been going back and forth about purchasing those poppy teacups for a couple of months now. My book club, The Finer Things Society, is reading a novel set during WWl so I just had to get them for our gathering. Between the date and the poppies it was meant to be. - Christy C.

08.26.19 -- When I saw these fruit patterned vintage napkins I knew they would look great with these glass plates by Sydenstricker. They are perfect! They are so cute and just what I was looking for. Nice touch adding the note and wrapping. Thank you. - Lisa M.


 08.7.19 -- I received my order today and it was so lovely in its wrapping!  I wanted to share why I purchased this book, since a lot of care has obviously been put into sharing it with your customers and sending it to me, and I thought you might find it interesting! I recently learned that my father, Raymond Theodore Steiger, was named after the author, Raymond Pool, who taught my grandfather (Theodore Steiger) at the University of Nebraska in 1920 or so.  So -- I had been looking up Raymond Pool, discovered he wrote this book, and that you had a copy from 1932 - the year my dad was born!  Additionally, my grandfather became a professor of botany himself in the mid 30s, and passed on his love of plants to my father, who spent his career with the US Forest Service. That love of plants was passed on to me too and I have found my career in environmental education. This book couldn't be a more perfect representation of that legacy. The book is in even better condition than I had hoped, and I look forward to checking it out, then gifting it to my dad very soon. Thank you for shepherding this book to me! - Celina S.



 07.16.19 -- Lovely to get your note and lovely to get the package!  I opened it tonight and everything was packed and wrapped so nicely.  It was a treat!  I love vintage things and antiques so I had quite a nice time on your site and blog.  I purchased the vintage books, "Bride in the Kitchen" and "I Hate Housework" for my niece who is getting married in December.  She loves vintage also and will get a laugh from Peg Bracken--I have Peg's "I Hate Cooking Cookbook" too.  I love cooking and I collect all kinds of old cookbooks--mostly as relics of a culture and a cooking time gone by, although it's always fun to see those recipes that survive.  Love vintagelinens too, so the tea towel with the needlepoint bluebird was super lovely.  I have a blog (which has been neglected by me for too long) called Corks & Cake (  Thinking about reviving it once I get through some things with my dad's estate etc.  Thank you In the Vintage Kitchen for the finds and the lovely parcel! - Cheers! Rebecca P.


06.06.19 -- I received my plates today and they are even prettier in person. Everything is Perfect. Thank you so much. You always make the packaging look so beautiful as well. - Ashleigh N. 

05.23.19 -- I have this minute received the Yogi cookbook. I have to tell you how thrilled I am and what it means to have found it, but first the way you have wrapped it and your message makes it even more so. My partner and I spent the winter on his sailboat , the boat had been his home for over 20 years and one of his most precious possessions  was an original copy of the book. He had it in a small wooden box carefully wrapped in a cloth due to its delicate condition. On Feb 19th last year we ran into bad sea conditions and shipwrecked off the coast of Columbia. The boat was lost and everything on it except the clothes we were wearing and our passports. It was an adventure after that before we decided to return to Canada. Since then we have cooked together making some of the recipes from memory.He is not with me at the moment but will be in a few weeks so I am going to give it to him as a surprise just the way you have wrapped it. 
Thank you so much! Maybe we can chat online now and then. I am enjoying your blog. All the best, Janet C.


04.11.19 -- Love, love my pink floral napkins. They look so pretty on our table which also has a pink floral tablecloth. Cannot get enough pink roses right now! Will stay tuned. Thanks - Sally B.


 03.02.19 -- Thank you for the lovely platter though discolored more than I could see on your site. I think it does looks nice on my hutch. A pretty pattern. It was very well wrapped with personal note that I appreciated. The wide paper ribbon is so pretty I am using it as shelf edging in my kitchen. I am sure I will order from you again. - Carol M.

02.22.19 -- I just received the Paden City Pottery platter and I love it. It arrived safely and I love your personal touches. I'll keep watching your site. Many thanks and take care, Lee H.

11.02.18 -- Oh my, I love my plate! So exquisitely wrapped, I almost didn’t want to open it. ;) The care you take in packaging is much appreciated. And the plate…well, I’m thrilled. Love the colors! Thank you! Have a great weekend. - Sheryl C.